More than $360K Rewards and $500K TVL 🚀⚡


Today we are going to talk about Zeemcoin dApp.


Zeemcoin dApp it is a “Decentralised App” that runs into Polygon network that allows you to buy ZEEM Token, swap different cryptocurrencies, generate passive income by doing Staking and Farming and participate in the first tokenized project at eMobility sector.

ZEEM Token “Zero Emission Coin”, will become the standard payment in Europe for sustainable mobility.


1 month ago we launched ZEEM Token and Zeemcoin dApp and the protocol already gave $ 360K in rewards to the community!



If we go to you can see our homepage where you can connect your “Wallet”, see some “Stats” and see the APR (Anual Percentage Rate) that people is generating as passive income.


Some highlights:

  • Staking: Today is generating 75.05 % of yearly passive income in ZEEM Tokens.
  • Farming: Today in generating 291.85 % of yearly passive income in ZEEM Tokens. Not bad!
  • TVL: The total Value Locked at Zeemcoin dApp is $500.228,80 -> WOW that is huge no? 😉
  • Price: $ 0,141 is the actual price and also you can see variation from last 24H and from IDO (Initial Deck Offering)
  • Marketcap: This is the number of ZEEM tokens available today x Price, $406.707,43

Zeemcoin dApp Zero Emission Coin


Next we can see the evolution of ZEEM Price, the Market (Share between ZEEMs that are in Staked, Farming or in Liquid) and the Locked Value evolution.

As more value locked more value have the protocol as it is more robust.


ZEEM token Price


How to buy ZEEM Tokens:

If you already have WBTC, MATIC  or USDT you can easily make a swap here: 

Buy ZEEM Token Cryptocurrency












If you want to buy ZEEM tokens using € you can use our solution integrated at Zeemcoin dApp here:


Buy Cryptocurrency with MATIC


First I would like to introduce some explanations:

    By keeping tokens in a staking vault you are locking liquid tokens to protect the protocol from panic selling and speculation, then you get rewarded in $ZEEM for that. Deposits can be withdrawn immediately whenever you want, although for short term deposits substantial burning fees are applied. This mechanism is expected to prevent speculators to participate.
    By providing liquidity to the pool ($ZEEM / $WBTC), the provider earns fees that come from the transactions that are generated from the “purchase and sale” activity in the pool. Those are around 0.17% of the the total fees generated. Additionally, providers can get boosted by staking their LP tokens (received when providing liquidity) in the farming vault. Liquidity providers are exposed to BTC, so in a potential growth in price of $ZEEM against BTC, they accumulate BTC, and for those who trust in BTC, being attached in price to it is a big plus.

You can review more detailed information here:

As you can see we already gave more than $360K rewards to the community!


Rewards Zeemcoin

Here is a post (Sorry only Spanish for now) that explains how to buy ZEEM and do Staking: 


Let’s push for a zero emission future mobility together!!

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