Install your electric car charging point and pay with Zeemcoins

Ionclick will accept Zeemcoins as payment method for the installation of electric car charging points

Ionclick, the leading company in the installation of charging points for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, and Zeemcoin, the first tokenized platform in the eMobility sector, have signed an agreement through which zeemcoins will be accepted as payment for installation services provided by Ionclick.

The charging point installer thus becomes the first company in the world to use a digital currency as a payment method for the installation of charging points for electric vehicles. This new method will be available from January 18, 2022, when the Zeemcoin token will be made public.

Ionclick una empresa visionaria de instalación de puntos carga de coches eléctricos

Zeemcoin token users, individuals and companies, will be able to use the token to purchase electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle chargers, which will bring great value to zeemcoin owners and electric vehicle drivers. Ionclick, an innovative company aware of the potential of blockchain expands its range of payment methods and thus adds transparency and efficiency to its operations.

Agreements such as this one facilitate the path of Zeemcoin, which seeks to be the most complete App in the market thanks to its Gamification module, the scalability and efficiency it brings with the Blockchain, with the aim of improving the experience of electric vehicle users.

Both companies share a passion for sustainable mobility and agree that the future of electric mobility lies in blockchain technology. Zeemcoin, hand in hand with IonClick, has, now more than ever, the solution to make the European charging infrastructure accessible, interoperable and of quality.

Borja Moreno Candau, CEO Zeemcoin, highlights:

“The future of electric mobility goes through blockchain technology and Zeemcoin has the solution to make the European charging infrastructure accessible, interoperable and of quality”.

For her part, Carolina Collado Salgado, Managing Director at Ionclick, highlights:

“We keep moving forward and setting ourselves new challenges but without losing our essence, which is none other than making our customers feel unique and making them feel the wonderful vibrations that emanate from electric mobility, we pursue the “wow”, excellence in our humble task, thereby achieving that day by day, we enjoy cleaner cities, sustainable and in harmony with a lifestyle and mobility that has come to stay “.

About Zeemcoin and its relationship with electric vehicle charging points

Zeemcoin, the first tokenized platform in the e-Mobility sector that, through its mobile app and its community of electric car drivers, collects quality and charging experience data from the network of public chargers in Europe. This information helps to improve the user experience when recharging their car on public roads and consequently drives the adoption of electric vehicles, bringing us gradually closer to a future with emission-free transport.

Zeemcoin solves a key need, and that is that users with electric cars find it difficult to find charging stations with the features they need or have difficulty locating quality charging stations. Zeemcoin aspires to be the most complete thanks to the information it generates through Gamification, Blockchain and Big Data. Zeemcoin users will provide valuable information such as evaluating the charger, if it works, aspects to improve or incidents to solve such as cable or deteriorated screen, or services such as restaurants, hotels, etc, in the surroundings, for which they will get rewards. The information collected will be in real time, updated and public. In addition, thanks to the Zeemcoin token, drivers will be able to be part of the project that will revolutionize the electric mobility industry.

About Ionclick

Ionclick, a Spanish-Mexican company led by women, with more than 1,200 installations per year, has become a reference in the world of electric mobility in Spain and Mexico. Training and knowledge of electric mobility is one of the principles of this company. Specialization, rigor, service and quality, with a single goal: to offer excellence to its customers, with a clear objective: quality over quantity.

Ionclick is presented as the integral solution for vehicle recharging. In full expansion, it was born with the clear vocation of making cities a healthier place to live, it believes that with the right decisions it is possible to reduce the environmental footprint and reduce noise pollution, the levels of harmful particles that today are breathed daily and the emission of greenhouse gases. He encourages the use of alternative mobility and wants to create a new culture around a new mobility in cities.


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