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Be part of the project that will revolutionize the electric mobility industry. Download our app and help us improve the charging experience for electric vehicle users in Europe.

Rate European fast chargers and earn rewards in Zeemcoin (Zero Emission Coin) tokens, our own digital currency with which you can pay for products, services and generate passive income.

Zeemcoin helps you to find the perfect charging point for you, through our App you can see the evaluations of European chargers made by the rest of the community and find the one that best suits your needs.



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Find and evaluate the best chargers through Zeemcoin App


Our App offers the latest technology connecting all public electric car chargers.



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We improve scalability and transparency by being the first tokenized platform in the electric mobility sector.


Thanks to the evaluations of all users, we improve the information of public charging points. Give us your opinion about the public chargers you visit and get rewards for it.


Zeemcoin token

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  • Get the following products, services and discounts:
      1. Buy a VELCA 100% electric motorcycle, with a discount of 300 €.
      2. Rent a 100% electric Tesla with FutureDrive
      3. Install a charger for your electric car with IonClick
      4. Get a discount on a blockchain course with Tutellus
  • Be part of our sustainability program where you can reduce your carbon footprint, plant trees and have your own NFTs.
  • Generate passive income through staking/farming in our dApp.

¿Why #Zeemcoin?

The most complete App for locating electric chargers.

Access the entire network of chargers and information about their quality, the area and the services that are available to plan the best trip in your electric car.

A new experience awaits you

Thanks to our integrated gamification module and the benefits of blockchain you will live a new experience.

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The e-mobility sector is growing exponentially year by year and blockchain technology and its utilities are going to change the world.
We are pioneers in bringing these mega trends together and Zeemcoin will become the main form of payment in the e-mobility industry.

Your participation in the Community is Rewarded

There are other Apps where you can see users opinions about Charging Points, but we are the only one that rewards users economically for using our app.

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