Touring Portugal by electric car, Zeemcoin’s Road Trip continues!

The Zeemcoin Road Trip continues, in the previous article we told you about Miguel’s experience in the first two stages of the trip: Zaragoza – Madrid and Madrid – Plasencia. In this article we are going to tell you how he continues his journey with his car, a 100% electric Opel Corsa-e, with which he arrives from Plasencia to Lisbon and then travels around the vicinity of the Portuguese capital evaluating different charging points in Portuguese soil. Join us in this experience and discover how is the charging experience of an electric vehicle user in Portugal.

Stage 3: Plasencia – Lisbon

In this stage the total distance of the road trip is almost 400 km. According to Miguel, he has crossed from Spain to Portugal through the Cedillo hydroelectric plant. It is the only private road crossing that was closed after entering the Schengen zone and the disappearance of border controls. It has recently been opened on weekends during daylight hours to avoid the 120 km or more that are necessary to cross the nearest crossing.

Four Charging Points have been evaluated during the course of this stage, as follows:

Of which the best has been the EDP McDonalds charger in Abrantes because it charges at 60 kW, is close to a good restaurant and has quick access from the highway. And the worst in this case was the Endesa X charger in Casar de Cáceres, as the charging speed was theoretically 200 kWh and it did not charge at more than 50-60 kWh.

The rest of the chargers worked correctly, but the Cepsa charger in Abrantes had to start the session twice, as the first one failed and did not start charging.

As far as safety is concerned, Miguel tells us that he felt safe at all times during this stage of the trip and that the accessibility of all the chargers was very good and close to the highways.

According to Miguel, this is not a particularly difficult stage for an electric car, although it does have some complications. First of all, at the border from Cáceres to Abrantes, there was no fast Charging Points and there were 200 km between chargers, so you have to check the autonomy of the car before making the trip. 

On the other hand, when entering Portugal, the way the payment methods of the charging stations work is different, although Miguel had already traveled to Portugal and had a charging card, otherwise it is not immediate to use the portuguese charging network.

Étapa 4: Route around Lisbon

In this stage we are going to change a little the dynamics that we were following in this trip, instead of going from point A to point B and evaluate the loaders along the way, we are going to make a route around Lisbon, passing through Amadora, Sintra and Azenhas do Mar in which we are going to evaluate some chargers.

Four chargers have been evaluated during the course of this stage, they are the following:

  • Galp Avenida da India Lisboa
  • EDP KFC Mem-Martins
  • Prio km 9,5 A16 Sintra
  • EDP McDonalds Sintra Retail Park

Of which the best has been the EDP Mcdonalds Sintra Retail Park charger by allowing simultaneous charging in CCS and CHAdeMO and having an optimal recharge speed. And the worst has been the Prio charger in the A16, as it did not work with the charging card so it was totally unusable.

The rest of the chargers have worked correctly, but not being able to charge with the card does not give you any other possibility of operation as it is not possible to activate them from an APP remotely. The system is very closed.

As for safety, Miguel tells us that he felt safe at all times during this stage of the trip and that the accessibility of all the chargers was very good and close to the main roads.

Obviously this stage has no complication to perform it with electric car, because although they have traveled quite a few km, it is not a long road trip, but simply a tour of an area where there are many possibilities for fast charging.

Miguel also tells us that upon arriving in Sintra, and passing the city center, the goal was to visit the Pena Castle, which is located at the top of the hill in the area. The access is by a winding road, hidden among forests, one way, in which you need almost 20 minutes to cover 7 km of distance. For the return trip, it is wonderful to have the regenerative braking of an electric vehicle.

So far everything is going as expected on this trip, although there have been some problems to recharge at one station or another, in general the trip is proceeding smoothly. In addition, thanks to evaluate the chargers in our Zeemcoin App, he is accumulating Zeemcoin tokens with which he can get different products, services and discounts in the world of electric mobility. Let’s see what Miguel tells us in his next stages, remember that we will be following this journey through the Zeemcoin Blog.

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