What is ZEEM?

The ZEEM is a resource of our points system designed specifically for the electric mobility sector.

Using the Zeemcoin mobile app you can accumulate ZEEM by taking surveys, which you can redeem for a wide range of products and services in our shop and beyond! We’ll tell you later.

In addition, through our dApp you can generate passive income with your ZEEM.

ZeemcoinApp user
ZeemcoinApp user

The ZEEM is sustainable!


Zeemcoin (Zero Emission Coin) uses a highly sustainable transaction validation method. It is the users themselves who validate the transactions, therefore, the energy consumption is infinitely less.

At Zeemcoin we are committed to caring for the environment, which is why we have sought the most efficient method from an energy point of view.

We want our projects to be carried out in order to preserve the environment, from the perspective of caring for the natural environment and sustainable development.

Zeemcoin considers itself a company that aspires to improve the quality of life of today’s society and future generations.

Type: Utility Token | Blockchain: Polygon | Standard: ERC-20

What can I spend my ZEEM on?

Exchange your ZEEM for products, services and discounts:

  • Try a Velca electric scooter or ebike.
  • Rent a Tesla electric car with a 15% discount with Future Drive.
  • Take a test drive with a Tesla electric car.
  • Plant a tree and become part of our Zeemcoin Valley sustainability program.
  • Get a 12% discount on the Tutellus Crypto Fundamentals Course.
  • Get a 10% discount on the installation of your charging station for your electric car with Ionclick.
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Type: Utility Token | Blockchain: Polygon | Standard: ERC-20

Our dApp

Short for “decentralized application”, it is a special application that works on a blockchain network. With our dApp, you can perform various operations using your ZEEM.

In our dApp you can:

  • Buy and sell ZEEM.
  • Generate passive income with your ZEEM.