Zeemcoin App and AUVE boosting e-mobility

What does the agreement consist of?

Both entities aim to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Spain by providing greater knowledge to their users. This adoption involves improving the public charging experience for electric vehicles.
To this end, ZEEMCOIN has developed an App where electric vehicle users can evaluate public chargers in Spain. In turn, for each charger evaluated, ZEEMCOIN will reward users with the company’s own token, the Zeemcoin token. This token has different usability for the user and aims to become the payment standard for public recharging in Europe.
Since the two entities follow the same principles, an agreement is established between both in which ZEEMCOIN assumes the commitment to guarantee the privacy of the personal data collected from AUVE associates and to provide them with 100 Zeemcoin tokens ($25 total price) to the first 300 AUVE associates who download the App and make a complete evaluation of a charger.
For its part, AUVE is committed to disseminate and communicate the agreement so that it is known to all its associates.

  • Mikel Agirregabiria, President of AUVE:

“AUVE has reached an agreement with Zeemcoin because we share our dual commitment to promote sustainable mobility and empower electric vehicle users. We think that the gamification strategy can be effective to encourage the sharing of all the experience and trajectory of years accumulated by our associates with their unparalleled knowledge of the Charging Points.”

  • Borja Moreno Candau, CEO Zeemcoin:

“It is great news that AUVE and Zeemcoin are joining forces in this agreement demonstrating their clear commitment to boosting electric mobility in Spain. The more users evaluate chargers on Zeemcoin App the better the user experience will be as they will feed off that community-generated data, and this is where AUVE comes into play with the largest community of electric car drivers in Spain.”

About Zeemcoin

Zeemcoin is the first tokenized platform in the e-Mobility sector, it collects quality and charging experience data from Europe’s network of public fast chargers through its mobile app and its community of electric car drivers. This information helps to improve the user experience when recharging their car on public roads and consequently drives the adoption of electric vehicles, bringing us closer to a future of emission-free transportation.

The location of quality fast charging stations with adequate performance is a problem faced by electric vehicle users, thanks to Zeemcoin this will never again be an inconvenience. Zeemcoin aims to be the most complete platform thanks to the information it generates through Gamification, Blockchain and Big Data.

Zeemcoin users will provide valuable information about recharging points; Evaluate the correct operation and quality of the charger, indicate possible aspects to improve, report incidents to be solved (a cable in bad condition, damaged screen…) or indicate nearby services (hotels, restaurants, parks, gardens…) are some of the actions that Zeemcoin users can perform to provide information. This information will be rewarded by Zeemcoin tokens to the user who provides it. The information collected will be in real time, updated and public. In addition, thanks to the Zeemcoin token, drivers will be able to be part of the project that will revolutionize the electric mobility industry.
In addition, you can give usability to the Zeemcoin token by using it to:

  • Buy a VELCA 100% electric motorcycle getting 300 € discount.
  • Rent a 100% electric Tesla with FutureDrive
  • Install an electric car charger with the company IonClick
  • Take a course on blockchain with Tutellus

You can also generate passive income by staking/farming in the Zeemcoin dApp, which will be available from January 18, 2023.

About AUVE

The Association of Users of Electric Vehicles or AUVE, is a non-profit association of national scope and composed of users and interested in electric vehicles. This association was born out of the need to promote electric mobility through public charging infrastructure and government incentives.

It promotes, on a non-profit basis, the development of electric vehicles, as well as the equipment, applications, services and infrastructures necessary for this purpose, and protects and defends the rights and interests of electric vehicle users.

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