Get your ZeemCoins at half price on the Tutellus Launchpad


ZeemGO will put 3,750,000 ZeemCoins, the ZeemGO token, on sale at the Launchpad organized by the Tutellus platform, the company created by our Tokenization Manager, Miguel Caballero.

  • The discount price of the token (IDO Price): $0.12, with 12 months of linear vesting from the moment the token is released to the public.
  • The general public release price (TGE Price): 3 months after the Launchpad, the token will go to the public at a price of $0.25.

That is, ZeemCoins can be purchased with a 52% discount on the price the token will have when it hits the market.

What are IDO and Launchpad?

According to Miguel, an IDO, Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering, is the event through which we can create, market and invest in new utility tokens in a decentralized way. That is, it is the tokenization of the project itself through a launcher (the Launchpad). In other words, an IDO is the IPO of the crypto world in a decentralized way and with many more advantages.

Supporting incipient (and higher risk) projects has its potential reward. Every IDO lists a discount price, IDO Price, which is much lower than the starting price (TGE Price). Here we already see that our investment can make a 2x-5x (referential, each IDO decides its margin between IDO Price and Market Price).

When do I receive the tokens I have purchased on the IDO?

It is normal that many are interested in receiving their tokens as soon as possible, but IDOs in Tutellus always incorporate vesting mechanisms (approx. 12 months, although it depends on each project) with which a progressive release of tokens occurs (in each block). . Vesting serves to protect the price of the token against eventual sales, something that is necessary especially in the most incipient moments or during large increases.


  • Token Name: ZeemCoin
  • Token code: $ZEEM
  • Total tokens: 100,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20 on Polygon

ZeemCoin is a utility token connected and synchronized with the Polygon chain. As such, it can be sent easily, quickly and cheaply from one wallet to another on the network. Users are rewarded for their active participation with ZeemCoins and can use it to purchase products, services and pay for energy when charging electric vehicles.

ZeemCoin holders will be able to claim rewards by Staking/Farming their tokens, generating passive income, providing feedback on EV charging stations, and driving the community as ambassadors.

ZeemCoin Objectives

  • USEFUL ASSET: Become a useful asset for the ZeemGO community by accumulating value from the use of the token by acquiring products and services within and outside of ZeemGO.
  • HOLDERS: Reward token holders who contribute to the protocol.
  • PAYMENT STANDARD: Become the payment standard for recharging electric vehicles in Europe when adopted by agents in the sector.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: The token will be used to participate in sustainable programs with the aim of helping in this race towards a zero emissions future.

IDO Details

  • Launch date: 10/18/2022 17:00:00
  • Goal: $450,000.00
  • IDO token price: $0.12
  • Public token price: $0.25
  • Minimum investment amount: $300.00
  • Number of boosted wallets: 15.00
  • Vesting: 12 months
  • Cliff: 0 months