Opportunity to buy ZeemCoins in Launchpad phase


ZeemGO launches its token with a 52% discount for a limited time in its early sale, anyone interested can purchase the token through the Tutellus Launchpad, where the token will be available at $0.12 instead of $0.25. The token will officially go to the general public on March 7, 2023. The Launchpad will be open to all those interested in the ZeemGO token along with all the company information and its white paper.

ZeemCoin and its utilities

The ZeemGO utility token will become Europe’s standard payment method when recharging your car, thanks to its role in making it easier to obtain products and services in the world of electric mobility and beyond.

During its first year, ZeemGO has closed alliances with AUVE (Association of Electric Vehicles in Spain) and UVE (Association of Electric Vehicles in Portugal), both associations believe in the potential of the mobile application and its integrated technology.

Once you have your ZeemCoins from March 7, 2023, you will be able to:

In Spain

  • Rent a Tesla vehicle with FutureDrive.
  • Pay for the installation of an electric charger in your home with Ionclick.
  • Pay for a Blockchain course on the Tutellus platform.

In Europe

  • Pay for a Velca electric motorcycle.

These are some of the companies that have joined forces with ZeemGO, the list will continue to grow this year.

How to participate in the advance sale?

The three steps to participate are as follows:

  • Register on the Tutellus website.
  • Choose your team (clan) from the three existing ones.
  • Select ZeemGO and invest the amount you want.

If you want to win more tokens, participate in the draw for 1,000 ZeemCoins with a value of €250.
Register until February 21, 2023 and follow ZeemGO on social networks to find out if you are the winner.

Click here to participate