Tutellus invests in ZeemGO to tokenize electric mobility


Tutellus, the crypto community where to learn, develop and invest in tokenized projects, has made a new investment in the Malaga startup ZeemGO, after successfully demonstrating the implementation of its app in 11 countries of the European Union and, with a highly scalable business model that drives sustainability.

ZeemGO, the first tokenized platform in the electric mobility sector, collects data on the quality and fast charging experience of the European network of public chargers through its mobile app and its community of electric car drivers. This information helps improve the user experience when charging their vehicle on public roads and consequently drives the adoption of electric vehicles, bringing us closer to an emission-free transportation future.

“From Tutellus we know that crypto technology needs simple applications for everyone to enjoy. We are working on a new generation of APPs where we will be able to earn rewards for simple daily challenges, and where we will mix brands, NFTs and real-world rewards. The future lies in uniting the real world with the crypto world and we can enjoy the benefits of decentralization and tokenization without understanding technology or tokens,” says Miguel Caballero, CEO of Tutellus.

ZeemGO aims to be the most complete platform in the eMobility sector by integrating Gamification, Blockchain and Big Data. ZeemGO app users provide information about the charging points; they evaluate the correct functioning and quality of the charger, indicate possible aspects to improve, report incidents to be solved (a cable in bad condition, a damaged screen…) or indicate nearby services (hotels, restaurants, parks, …). These evaluations are rewarded with ZeemCoins for the user who provides them.

“The entry of Tutellus as a ZeemGO partner is a strategic step for the company, as we join the experience of two trends that are growing exponentially: tokenization with eMobility, and this will lead to a very strong disruption in the sector, providing scalable and highly innovative solutions with a Zero Emissions approach,” says Borja Moreno Candau, CEO of ZeemGO.

From January 24, 2023, ZeemCoin will be available for purchase at a 52% discount (at $0.12) on Tutellus’ Launchpad. On March 7, 2023, the token will be public and can be purchased on ZeemGO’s final dApp at a price of $0.25 by anyone in the world.