ZeemGO announces its limited edition Velca motorbike


The new limited edition Velca electric motorcycle is here and is available on the ZeemGO app!

With the purchase of the limited edition Velca motorcycle from ZeemGO, you can get a free helmet when paying with ZeemCoins. We share the image of the limited edition motorcycle so you can appreciate the model.


The new Velca electric motorcycle is a modern and stylish beauty that boasts a wide variety of impressive features. From its battery to its design, the limited edition Velca motorcycle is the perfect option for those looking for a more sustainable way to get around the city.

At ZeemGO, we believe in sustainable mobility and are committed to making it more accessible for everyone. With our latest update, we are offering an even easier way to get a Velca electric motorcycle by paying 100% of its price with ZeemCoins.

Also, that’s not all, if you are interested in other models of electric motorcycles, Velca has a wide variety of models available. If you want to purchase a model other than the ZeemGO limited edition Velca, you can still pay for it with ZeemCoins and you will get a helmet with free registration.


The purchase process is simple once you have your ZeemCoins. Remember that you can obtain ZeemCoins through our dApp by purchasing them through our payment gateway.

The first step is to go to the Shop section in the ZeemGO application and select Velca, once selected, the company will contact you to schedule an appointment for you to test your favorite motorcycle, once you choose your favorite you can proceed to pay with your ZeemCoins , the ZeemGO team will advise you on this step.

Contact us at: [email protected] or write to us directly by direct message on Discord.

Once the payment is successful, Velca will deliver your helmet to you.


Don’t have the ZeemGO app yet?

Download the app today and start saving on your next electric motorcycle. And remember, by paying with ZeemCoins, you are not only investing in more sustainable mobility, but you are also supporting the future of sustainable mobility, giving utility to our token, the ZeemCoin.

Join us on our mission to promote sustainable mobility!