ZeemGO launches its app that allows you to find the best charging points


Knowing where there are charging points for your electric car has become essential as the number of electric vehicle drivers grows in Spain. With varied locations, finding the charger that is perfect for you is essential to continue your trip safely and comfortably.

The ZeemGO application covers this big problem and adds benefits to its users. If you find a charging point and leave your review in the application, ZeemGO will reward you with an amount of its utility token, the ZeemCoin, with which you can pay for products and services.

How is ZeemCoin useful?

  • Soon you will be able to pay for your next recharges from the mobile application.
  • You can exchange it for products or services, such as renting a Tesla with FutureDrive, installing a charging station for your home with Ionclick, taking Blockchain courses with Tutellus, etc.
  • Generate passive income through our dApp.

Improve the electric charging experience

By leaving your review you will find other real opinions of charging stations with information about the price, waiting time, services in the area, what amenities you find such as: public bathroom, shopping, restaurants, WiFi, etc.

If you need something, in the “Store” section you will find chargers, accessories, discounts, promotions, events, entertainment and more, which you can of course pay with ZeemCoin.

An application with which you have real benefits

Within the ZeemGO application you have a Wallet where you earn your ZeemCoins (Zero Emission Coin) as time goes by you will be able to see what global position you are in.

The benefits of acquiring products and services are real thanks to the alliances that ZeemGO currently has.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By being a user you can participate in their sustainability program, where you can reduce your carbon footprint, plant your own tree in the real world and have your own certificates that demonstrate ownership of the tree in question.

You are part of an innovative community

Whether you are a Crypto lover or an electric mobility enthusiast, you will love joining the ZeemGO community. Beyond being a mobile application, ZeemGO always shares information about the Blockchain world and electric mobility in its Discord community.